We create and manage real estate
any destination. Construction and reconstruction
residential, social and commercial facilities.

Full construction cycle

  • Civil and erection works
    (monolithic and panel
    house building) 
  • Design and architectural works
  • Registration of land
    under construction
  • Device engineering
    and telecommunications
  • Finishing work
    and landscaping
  • Implementation and operation of residential
    and non-residential stock
  • Demolition and reconstruction of dilapidated
    housing stock
  • Building production
    materials and designs


The company has its own production
base in Almaty region.

On the territory of the base are located:
    • Wall panels production workshops

      The panels are made of high quality polystyrene concrete UTC. Their advantages: minimum weight, vibration and shock resistance properties, savings on electricity and load-bearing structures, water resistance.

    • Metal profile production workshops
    • Paint production workshops
    • Glue production workshops
    • Railway deadlock.
    • Warehouse and office space.

Production base 4ga


The company owns two
macadam and one sandy

Sand quarry

160 tons / hour

Arna settlement, Almaty region, Ili district.
Macadam career

350 and 250 tons / hour

Station "Druzhba", Almaty region, Tokty-Shyndaly field.
(Crushing and screening complexes)

250 tons / hour

Own equipment

Tower cranes
  • 12 ton / 4 pcs.
  • 10 ton / 8 pcs.
  • 8 ton / 8 pcs.
Mobile cranes
  • 50 tons / 2 pcs.
  • 25 ton / 4 pcs.
Concrete Pumps
  • 42 meters / 1 piece
  • 45 meter / 1 piece
  • 3 meters / 4 pcs.
  • 2 meters / 3 pcs.
Loader excavators
Dump trucks
Shield formwork
Tunnel formwork

Metal tunnel formwork reduces the number of working joints, accelerates the production of works and provides the highest dimensional accuracy and the best surface quality, significantly increasing the solidity, integrity and reliability of the structure.

Drilling rig

The BAUER BG 36 drilling rig is mounted on the Sennebogen BS 100 self-propelled chassis.

The machine is designed for the installation of bored piles using technologies such as auger drilling method (CFA) and drilling using a Kelly bar and casing table.

The model is equipped with a system for measuring the inclination of the mast on the given coordinates and automatic adjustment of the vertical position of the mast.

The package includes a device for determining the depth and load on the main winch and quick-disconnect couplings of the hydraulic hoses for the rotation drive.

Automation of business processes

The company has developed its own software that allows
track expenses and monitor deadlines:


Every tenge is under control

With the help of various production schedules, we can see in real time where and on what grounds the funds are transferred. If the costs are not included in the estimate, the transfer is not made.


Minute per minute

With the help of the network schedules and the delivery schedule of the MTO, the deadlines for the objects are strictly controlled. Downtime associated with business administration is excluded.